Allissa Obler, RYT 200

"I discovered yoga at a time when I was looking for both physical and emotional balance. The practice completely changed my life and continues to bring healing at every turn. I am grateful for my experiences and hope to help others welcome the joy of yoga into their lives, too."

Allissa completed her 230 hour certification at the Yoga Center of Minneapolis. She has a special interest in meditation and restorative yoga. With a background in the Iyengar and Hatha traditions, she strives to help others find comfort and alignment in their expression of each pose. Allissa enjoys helping students create the space they need to balance their mind, body and spirit.



Amanda Hanlon, RYT-200

"I can't image my life without my yoga practice. I love sharing this practice with others so they can also experience all the gifts and benefits I've received from it over the years."

Starting her yoga journey in 1999, Amanda is a 200-hr RYT, having received teaching certifications from Savannah Yoga Center in Savannah, GA and Laughing Lotus in San Francisco, CA. Specializing in Vinyasa yoga, Amanda brings her experience and dedication to her classes, where she focuses her students on being present in the body and mind and leads them through the practice with clarity, compassion and humor.



Kali Higgins

"I first found yoga on a clearance shelf at Target. I was in high school and there was a DVD and mat for sale. I began my practice in the basement of my parent's home and then took it with me to college. Little did I know this practice would change my life forever--eventually leading me to a more spiritually based movement and meditation practice."

Kali deepened her studies of yoga and meditation first at the Institute of the Himalayan Tradition (St. Paul). She studied and practiced there for two years before attending Devanadi Yoga and Wellness School in Minneapolis, where she received her 230 hour certification. Kali is also certified in Restorative Yoga, Prenatal Yoga, Kids Yoga and Trauma-Informed Yoga.  Her current classes are influenced by an easy-going approach while infused with the wisdom of the seasons. Kali also is a practicing herbalist. You can learn more and book an appointment with her here.



Kari Hendlin, RYT 200

“I suffered for several years with chronic pain due to a herniated disk in my neck after years of body building, running and general abuse. Despite a love-hate relationship with yoga in the past, yoga teacher training found me at just the right moment. Yoga became my answer as a means to be physically active, gain mind-body awareness, and the skills necessary to achieve balance.”

Kari studied at Devanadi School of Yoga and Wellness in Minneapolis, MN. Yoga styles and philosophies she gathers inspiration from include Hatha, Yin, Para, Tantra, Chair, Acro and Restorative Yoga. She is passionate about physical fitness, food, fun, learning, health and wellness. As a yoga teacher, Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor and Therapeutic Coach®, she enjoys supporting others who are also on a journey and ready to take action on being happy, healthy and whole.



Lynette Beebe

"My training, experience and exploration of yoga began over thirty years ago, and I have had the privilege to teach this beautiful practice since 2002. Yoga has been instrumental in my life as a way to cope with stress, anxiety and depression. As a person who has a lot of nervous energy, I've found that an active, flowing vinyasa practice is a great way to 'burn the trash' in order to slow down and focus. I create my classes with this idea in mind."

Lynette has studied with many different teachers and leads her classes with a variety of movement based in the traditions of  Hatha, Kundalini and Iyengar.



Maria Hermann, RYT 200

"I find yoga meets me where I'm at in each moment. There is no judgment of my capacity, only the need for willingness to be open each day to discover the gifts of yoga."

Maria integrated yoga as part of her healing plan following a back injury and soon began to see changes on and off her yoga mat. She discovered for herself how a regular yoga practice greatly improved her back and inspired transformational shifts in other dimensions of wellbeing: mind, spirit, social, emotional, occupational and environmental. To deepen her knowledge, she decided to complete a yoga teacher training with Green Lotus Yoga and is excited to teach in Stillwater. She practices vipassana meditation and participates in annual 10-day silent retreats which inform the way she teaches. Through workshops and training her style is influenced by Marcia Appel, Judith Lasater, Baron Baptiste and Bernie Clark.



Melissa Laraby, RYT 200

“I believe that yoga allows me to be the best version of myself.  When I settle on to my yoga mat, I am present in the moment with my breath.  I am able to let stressors go, experience emotions as they come up, and listen to my intuition.  My energy changes.  I leave my mat feeling strong, balanced, and lighter than when I sat down.”         

Melissa views herself as an individual who facilitates others in nurturing and healing their body, mind, and spirit.  Yoga is just one of the techniques she uses to enable the process.  Melissa started to develop an interest in yoga during her college years, but it wasn’t until she found Kundalini yoga that she felt drawn to teach.  She loved that each Kundalini class was unique and pushed people out of their comfort zones.   Melissa completed 200 hours of Kundalini yoga teacher training in 2013.  Melissa has always enjoyed helping women deal with life stressors, tap into their strengths, and feel empowered in their lives.  After becoming a mother herself, she completed 85 hours of Prenatal yoga teacher training, as well as Mother Baby yoga teacher training through Blooma™ in Minneapolis.  

Melissa is also a licensed clinical psychologist at The NEST, a practice specializing in Women’s Wellness & Reproductive Mental Health.  



Melynda Gilberg

"I love how yoga connects us to our bodies in so many different ways and can be used for personalized healing experiences. We all have so much to learn from one another, and I am so glad to be teaching these classes!"

In her craniosacral and myofascial release practice, Melynda loves incorporating yoga elements to help people continue their healing on an individualized level. Yoga has benefited her in so many ways in her life and so she enjoys sharing its benefits with people of all ages wherever they are at with their practice--whether they are just starting or are a seasoned yogi.

To read more about Melynda's work as a craniosacral therapist, check out Dynamic Healing Arts.



Thomasina Fisk

 "I hope to help people learn to listen in such a way that the sounds and vibrations of the instruments bring them to a deep state of relaxation or meditation. My main intention behind my practice and teaching is to create space for a quiet mind."

Thomasina completed her yoga teacher training with the Yoga Center of Minneapolis. Her classes include  breathwork, asana/yoga postures and sound immersion with specific instruments. She loves teaching people how to use breath as an effective tool against daily stressors or more significant mental health concerns. She believes we are all teachers and healers of our own unique beings. Thomasina currently lives in the beautiful town of Marine on St. Croix with her partner and their two school-age children. They enjoy the energy of the river valley and love taking walks in the woods. Her partner Robert Fisk, is also a sound facilitator who will join her in guiding Yoga & Sound Workshops at the center.

To follow Thomasina's other offerings, visit Radiant Source Yoga.